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The international conference for Social  Sciences ”Communication. Information. Learning” 2020 – Seventh Edition

Craiova, Romania, 22th – 23th May 2020

The aim of the conference is to enable a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue between the domains of social sciences . The conference will include two types of activities:

– Presentations within the sections, on domains, sciences, specialisations;

– Interdisciplinary round tables, on topics of wide interest, to be determined after the reception of titles and abstract of presentations.

More information about participation can be found here.

Conference domais: I. SOCIAL SCIENCES

Communication Sciences: Communication and Public Relations, Journalism

Sociology, Political and Administrative Sciences

Education sciences, Psychology, Behavioural sciences


CIL 2020
– May 5th 2020 – Registration form (in the attached file)
– May 10th 2020 – Confirmation of participation.
– May 15th 2020 – Proof of payment of the registration fee.
– May 24th 2020 – Submission of papers.


Conference languages: Romanian, English, French. The title, abstract (200 – 250 words) and keywords (3 – 5 keywords) of the contributions will be in English.

The registration fee is 140 RON / 25 Euros.

Participants will cover transportation, meals and accommodation expenses. For international visitors, accomodation can be covered by the University. Please contact us for more details. On demand, the organising committee will make hotel reservations. The fee is to be replica watch paid with the mention Taxă conferinţă CIL.

RON account: RO63 RZBR 0000 0600 2081 9048, opened at the Raiffeisen Bank, BIC RZBRROBU. Beneficiary: Marta Lucia Albu.

Please send the Registration form, by the 5th of May 2020. After confirmation, please send a scanned proof of your payment at inscrieri@cilconference.ro by 15th of May 2020.

Publication & requirements

Papers (8 -12 pages) shall be published in the conference volume at publishing houses acknowledged by CNCSIS for specific fields.

For the social science researchers: the conference volume shall be published at an A2 publishing house.

For further information, please contact the organising committee at contact@cilconference.ro.


MARGINS:  2cm / 2 cm / 2 cm /2 cm

TITLE: Times New Roman, capitalised, 14, bold, centred.

AUTHOR’S NAME: Name, SURNAME, TNR, 12, bold, right.

Under the name: title, institution, e-mail address.

ARTICLE: Times New Roman, normal, 12, single, justified.

The conference Communication. Information. Learning uses the Chicago system of academic writing. Further details on The Chicago Manual of Style available at http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html

Citing requirements:

1. Books

a. single author

Bibliography: Kourik, Robert. 1998. The lavender garden: beautiful varieties to grow and gather. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

In the text: (Kourik 1998)

b. Two or three authors

Bibliography: Flinders, David J. and Geoffrey E. Mills, eds. 1993. Theory and concepts in qualitative research: perspectives from the field. New York: Teachers College Press.

In the text: (Flinders and Mills 1993)

c. More than three authors

Bibliography: Kimble, John M., Rattan Lal, and Ronald F. Follett, eds. 2002. Agricultural practices and policies for carbon sequestration in soil. Boca Raton, Fla.: Lewis Publishers.

In the text: (Kimble, et al. 2002)

d. an institutional author

Bibliography: Ohio State University. Natural Resources Institute. 1959. A directory of Ohio facilities and services for resource conservation. Columbus: Natural Resources Institute.

In the text: (Ohio State 1959)

2. Articles

a. Journal articles, single author

Bibliography: Terborgh, J. 1974. Perservation of natural diversity: The problem of extinction-prone species. BioScience 24:715-22.

In the text: (Terborgh 1974, 720) or (Terborgh 1974)

b. Journal articles having two authors

Bibliography: Bolzan, J.F. and K.C. Jezek. 2000. Accumulation rate changes in central Greenland from passive microwave data. Polar Geography 27(4):277-319.

In the text: (Bolzan and Jezek 2000, 280) or (Bolzan and Jezek 2000)

c. Newspaper articles                                       

Bibliography: newspaper articles are not to be mentioned in the Bibliography.

In the text: “In an article on rampage killers (New York Times, April 10, 2000), Laurie Goodstein and William Glaberson describe…”

d. Encyclopaedia entries

Bibliography: Encyclopaedia entries are not to be mentioned in the Bibliography.

In the text: “In his article on Nebo in the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Morris Jastrow noted that…”

3. Electronic and Internet sources

a. Electronic journals or newspapers

Bibliography: Thomas, Trevor M. 1956. Wales: Land of Mines and Quarries. Geographical Review 46, no. 1: 59-81. http://www.jstor.org/ (accessed June 30, 2005).

In the text: (Thomas 1956)

b. Electronic books

Bibliography: Rollin, Bernard E. 1998. The Unheeded Cry: Animal Consciousness, Animal Pain, and Science. Ames, Iowa. The Iowa State University Press. http://www.netlibrary.com (accessed June 30, 2005).

In the text: (Rollin 1998)

c. Electronic sites

Bibliography: Roach, John. 2005. Journal Ranks Top 25 Unanswered Science Questions. http://news.nationalgeographic.com (accessed July 7, 2005).

In the text: (National Geographic 2005)  


You can contact us by filling in this form or via email at contact@cilconference.ro